Dec 4, 2015

Giveaway - Colors AlTaglio - A Novel New Color Correction App

Roger Tallada, developer of the brand new photo app, Colors AlTaglio, was kind enough to answer a few questions about his new app. He also generously provided FIVE promo codes for a giveaway! Be sure to leave a comment on this post to enter the giveaway. Winners will be announced on Saturday, December 5 at noon, PST.

What is your name and how are you affiliated with the Colors AlTaglio app? 

RT: My name is Roger Tallada, I'm the sole developer and designer of Colors AlTaglio. I've done everything from programming the app to making the website and designing the icon.

Do you have a photography or art background?

RT: I do have an artistic background, I've been a professional illustrator and comic book artist for more than ten years. I have a degree in computer software and started my professional life as a software developer for a magazine publishing company but I always wanted to be an illustrator. One day I quit my job to follow my dream.

How was the idea for this app conceived?

RT: From my work as an illustrator I learned about a technique to create harmonic color palettes called gamut masking, which has been popularized by the artist James Gurney in his book Color And Light. I’ve used this technique for some of my illustrations and my first published iOS app, WheelMasks, is actually a palette creator app that uses gamut masks as the method for selecting colors.

Early on, I thought it would be nice to be able to apply this method to a photo and worked on a prototype that produced the effects that I wanted but it was too slow to be usable. However, some months ago I tried to implement it with Apple's Metal shading language, which let's you access the parallel processing power of the iPhone's GPU, and the result was amazing. I started working on AlTaglio right away.

How does this differ from other apps that alter the color of an image?

RT: Gamut masking is the obvious difference, instead of playing with hue and saturation sliders you place a polygon over the color wheel that defines the range of colors that the photo will be able to use. Colors AlTaglio then changes the hues of the image so that they fit on that gamut mask adapting original color distribution to it.

The other big difference is not so obvious at first sight, Colors AlTaglio preserves the contrast and tonal range between edits thanks to the fact that it uses the HUSL colorspace for its computation. As opposed to regular HSL, the lightness component of HUSL is perceptually uniform, this means that AlTaglio can change the hue and saturation of a pixel without altering its perceptual lightness.

With what type of images does AlTaglio work the best?

RT: I think that it works best with images from which you want to change the mood by skewing them towards certain colors, this can be achieved with an atmospheric gamut mask that selects one half of the color wheel for instance. Also, on photos that have a color, or groups of adjacent colors, that you want to pop up from the rest, it's very easy to add a narrow mask focused on them making sure that the neutral color is close to the center of the color wheel. Photos with complementary color schemes are also good candidates because AlTaglio can help to reduce the presence of the colors that are out of the complementary scheme.

I can also tell you that on very colorful images, I'm thinking sunsets/sunrises for instance, it may not be the best tool unless what you really wanted to do was to focus on certain colors at the cost of muting the rest.

But that's just from my experience, I can't wait to see what experienced photographers will do with it!

Why was this developed as an extension rather than a stand alone app? Editing must be done through the Photos app, correct?

RT: Yes, for now the editing functionality resides only in the iOS Photos extension while the standalone app works as the tutorial for the extension.

Making it an extension first has allowed me to focus on the filter because I didn't have to worry about photo management as that is done by the Photos app. I'm planning to add editing functionality to the standalone app in the future if enough people use it. This will allow it to edit a copy of a photo instead of the original one, which is already the most requested feature from the ones that have tested it.

Do you have any other photo apps in the works?

RT: Not yet! I have some ideas but right now I'm focused on Colors AlTaglio.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

RT: I plan to write some tutorials on how to use Colors AlTaglio, so I’d advise anybody who’s interested in that to keep an eye to the Colors AlTaglio website and join the mailing list there to be updated.

Colors AlTaglio available on The App Store $1.99

Be sure to sign up for the giveaway by leaving a comment below. Good Luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to the winners:
Carlos Austin, DianaNicholetteJeon, ahmedshaaban, Nico and jarboleya.

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